GlobaServ Solutions

GlobaServ is an international company, provider of out sourced engineering services to the Telecommunications, Energy, and Construction management industries. We manage both small and large-scale deployments for clients in the areas of Project Management, Design, Installation, Architecture & Engineering, and Construction Management.

GlobaServ offers training courses for companies which require employees to be certified for engineering and maintenance of their networks.

GlobaServ offers trained local 1st and 2nd level technical support to handle trouble calls from the end customer to off-load the technical resources of our clients.

GlobaServ also provides manufactures a focused sales channel to market and sale their products in South America. Through our marketing and technical sales engineers, GlobaServ can delay or eliminate the need to deploy a full time sales force for the Latin America region.

Whether our clients need additional support for a week, a month or requires a turn-key project, GlobaServ Solutions understands this beyond just providing people who simply have the technical ability to get the job done. Understanding our clients business, culture, and needs is our business. GlobaServ Solutions has a network of highly qualified technical professionals available on short notice. Likewise, when a job requires a team of people, GlobaServ Solutions can provide clients with a full team to work on a single project. For this type of engagement, GlobaServ assembles the right skill set, experience, and personalities it takes to complete a project. GlobaServ Management ensures rate consistency and process efficiency, ultimately delivering multiple skill sets smoothly.






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